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Change Improvement Conference

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary we would like to offer all interested people, organizations, and businesses in the region a chance to get to know a new tool–Applied Improvisation–and to have a chance to test its inspired effects directly in concrete situations.

Format: Conference on Applied Improvisation
Date: 12 June 2015
Place: Club Speicher 7, Mannheim
• Provide an opportunity for the regional economy to learn the methods of applied improvisation
• Provide networking opportunities for regional and national coaches who work with the tools/methods of Applied Improvisation
• Provide networking opportunities for businesses and organizations who would like to further develop new approaches to solutions of future issues through creativity

For over 15 years Drama light has developed its improvisational methods to aid many business and a variety of organizations. In addition to various business theater formats, we offer trainings in the fields of creativity, communication, public speaking, and leadership.

We give thorough consideration to the question of how we can use the tools and methods of improvisation to focus on people, organizations, and companies.


Applied Improvisation can…

• Support the strategic realignment of an organization, for example in implementing new values
• allow the emotional or deeper learning of complex topics
• inspire leadership strengths to develop, help motivate colleagues, and inspire a sustained commitment to the company
• allow the research and development of inspired teamwork
• promote the intercultural competence of a team
• support people or business to become more capable and resilient

CHANGEIMPROVEMENT is a conference meant to pursue specific issues in the fields of economy and society. Experienced trainers bring along their know how from the field of Applied Improvisation and show visitors and colleagues how these principles can be applied to find new solutions.

How is this Conference structured?


In the morning a variety of international experts will highlight and document their view of the connections between improvisation and organizations.

The following speakers have been invited:

Prof. Dr. Barbara Tint of the University in Portland will speak about improvisation’s multiple applications (Status: Participation promised)

Erik Vanleeuw of the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium
on the Jesuits and their approach on Change (Status: Participation promised)

Jens Nordberg from Göteborg R & D and the Creativity Trainer of VOLVO will speak about the role of improvisational technology at VOLVO. (Status: Participation promised)

Claudia Cornelsen, a best selling author and PR consultant from Berlin will speak about the dawn of new ways of thinking in our economy. (Status: Participation promised)

Creative Think Tanks

In the afternoon the participants will work together in four different creative think tanks. The think tanks will be moderated events, where each group will deal intensely with concrete problems within a given time frame. In contrast to the workshop, the brain-storming or think tank will include(allow for) the development of various approaches and the common acceptance of improvisation by various group members.
Supporting the participants will be approximately 30 trainers and coaches from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, all experienced and trusted in the methods of Applied Improvisation.

Which questions will be considered and worked through?
Possible areas of inquiry—
How do I develop new methods of learning under increasing cost pressures?
How do I inspire my staff and cut down on inner redundancies?
How do I effectively inspire an organization to function in the areas of tension that exist in bureaucracy, and in ownership and management?

The possibilities are endless.

Whether you’re involved in companies, organizations, associations or whole communities: Applied Improvisation helps you define goals rapidly, and links the players to promote sustainable creativity. And this all by placing the person at the center.


How can I participate in the CHANGEIMPROVEMENT Conference?

1. As an asker of questions
2. Beforehand we will work with you to develop an appropriate question for one of 4 creative think tanks. These will be communicated in the official invitations, so that other companies that deal with similar issues will have a chance to compare notes.
3. On 12 June companies will introduce themselves and their specific issues at the conference.
4. Up to 10 employees or colleagues from your firm may participate in CHANGEIMPROVEMENT(catering and materials are included). You will have the opportunity to listen to exciting keynote lectures by international experts, to learn and try out interactive interventions, and in our Creative Tank–to work with experienced and creative trainers from the USA and Europe on specific issues involving your company.
5. Finally, participants receive three solutions to their questions, which they can take home from the conference and make use of.
6. To this end we are still looking for partners or companies and organizations that are interested in submitting specific questions or tasks to our four planned creative think tanks.

At this point we have inquired with the following organizations:
BASF (participation is confirmend)
The City of Mannheim (participation is confirmed)
University Hospital of Heidelberg
Roche Diagnostics
Hochschule Mannheim

1. You may participate in CHANGEIMPROVEMENT as an individual
2. From March 2015 the website will be online for public scrutiny and participation under

At this point it is possible to apply as an individual or as a group. The participation fee for individuals will be 150.00E(including 19% VAT). In addition to participation in the presentations, interactive interventions and in a creative think tank, the fee includes food and materials for the conference.
Businesses also have the opportunity to apply as a group.

The Creative Think Tanks of the CIC are happy to offer applications for groups up to 10 persons(people)

Take advantage of the interdisciplinary approach of the Conference and work eye to eye for a day with people from other organizations on a variety of themes.
We are delighted if we are able to awaken your interest and to win you or your organization as participants.

We’d be happy to answer any questions at 0621 1227150 or you can contact us at